Stand Up Paddle Kauai

Already there are some people that are avid paddle boarders. A lot of these people enjoy it so much because they are able to get out into the natural elements and it is a good way of keeping fit without actually realizing it. It is true to say that Stand Up Paddle Kauai is a very enjoyable sport. Now you're up and riding! Just remember to stay over the board and the wave as long as you would like. Enjoy, and keep paddling! Browse this site for more information on Stand Up Paddle Kauai.

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When in Kauai everyone relates it to being in high spirit. Kauai Paddle Boarding is the new way to be in high spirits. Stand up paddle boarding originated in Kauai as an offshoot of surfing. It is very different than traditional surfing where the rider is waiting for the wave to arrive. In case of Paddle Boarding Kauai the boarders maintain an upright stance on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water. At a glance it can look a bit difficult but it is the easiest spor